“I have had the pleasure of working with Karin and got to know her over the past number of years. She is always helpful, responsive and able to provide us with the marketing materials needed to sell. In addition to her great talent, her attention and awareness to the unique packaging and language requirements in Canada were always of value. I know that she would exceed the expectations of any domestic or multi-national company requiring a graphics designer/marketing manager.”

Kirsch & Gidaro Marketing Inc.
Toronto, Canada

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karin for 7 years and without hesitation I would recommend her to anyone looking for a creative professional. She is not only highly creative but she is also detailed oriented, market savvy, and customer-driven. Karin has many years of knowledge and expertise in the industry and it shows in everything she does! We’ve collaborated on many projects over the years and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Graphic Designer

“I worked with Karin as a manufacturer’s representative for Hiatt Manufacturing. She was my go-to person for anything I needed – Karin always had the answer. Karin is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, organized, exceptionally upbeat and pleasant, and very quickly responded to any requests. She was a joy to work with at trade shows. I would highly recommend Karin.”

Owner at McKay & Associates, Inc.
Minneapolis/St. Paul

“I have worked along side Karin for several years at Blossom/WC Printing and now as one of her print representatives. Karin is an upbeat professional that knows what it takes to make her designs sell. Her great attitude is an asset for all her customers. She is on top of that latest design features and doesn't hold back when creating the the right look to draw customers in. She is always conscious of her customer's timelines, as well as the timelines of the printer. It is my pleasure to call her my customer and friend.”

Supreme Graphics

“I worked with Karin at Blossom Publishing in Winona. She was one of the most intelligent, professional, creative, and be funny people I know. Any company would lucky to have her work for them. She has a team-player attitude that will help build a company staff to bond and work together for the company and benefit the end customer. I hope to have the pleasure of working together with Karin again sometime. ”

Graphic Artist & Marketing Professional
La Crosse, Wisconsin


“I had the pleasure of working with Karin for five years at Hiatt. Her dedication and reliability are second to none. Karin is dependable, hard-working and always willing to go the extra mile to produce a successful end product. She is charismatic, well-spoken, and excellent with all communications. We would challenge Karin to think outside the box and ask her to do the near impossible at times - Karin embraced these challenges and produced quality results that were recognized not only by her team but many leaders in our industry including major national retailers. Fall 2016, we parted ways due to new owners of the business closing and relocating the operations. Karin is a beneficial asset to any organization and I hope that someday I have the opportunity to hire her back to my team!”

Former VP of Sales & Marketing
Hiatt Manufacturing, Inc.

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